Motors & Gearboxes

We now hold in stock a small range of Motors, normally uneconomical to rewind, and available for immediate delivery and have the ability to replace or swap feet and flanges as well as fit fans and brakes to suit. Direct access to various manufactures also enable to offer various makes of Gearbox as direct replacement or a suitable like for like alternative.

Motors or gearboxes suitable for rewind and repair are also catered for and see our engineering section for further detail.

Manufacturer Websites

Over 80 years industry experience Tec offer output from 0.06-315Kw Single phase 230/110 2 Speed, High output EFF2, EFF1, IE1, IE2, IE3 motors Brake motors, Geared units, Slide rails, Base plates EEXDE Inverters.
SEW-Eurodrive is the recognised market leader of drive engineering, now stretching across all five continents and employing over 14,000 people.

Lots more in stock.
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