Adhesives & Lubricants

Spen bearings offer a comprehensive range of adhesives, lubricants and sealants from stock by leading manufacturers Loctite, Bondloc Ambersil & Rocol. Technical advice is readily available for customers on product selection.

Product categories include:

  • flexible sealing,
  • instant gaskets,
  • instant bonding,
  • pipe and thread sealing,
  • retaining compounds,
  • structural bonding,
  • Rolls
  • thread locking,
  • metal-filling compounds

MSDS and SDS are available on request or by visiting the relevant section of the manufacturer websites below.

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Manufacturer Websites

A UK Based ISO,WRAS & NATO approved Manufacturer offering high Quality & Performance products to its Global distribution and OEM Partners.
Provides engineers and maintenance professionals with exceptional product quality and performance.
A Major player in the global lubricants market with over 1000 Grades of lubricants, base & Process Oils, Extracts and waxes representing the very best of lubricant technology.

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